What You Need to Know about Ruby on Rails

Rails is a web application framework designed for Ruby, a programming language created by Matsumoto in 1993. Matsumoto created the program from the need of having a tool that is designed to interact rather than execute. His purpose was to make a programming language that is fun to work with and that would make programmers happy. His final product is not one of the fastest or most reliable on the market, but it is definitely one of the most enjoyable and fun to work with. The only thing about Ruby was that it was not designed to make websites, initially. That is until Rails came along, and the application made it possible. Ruby on Rails is specially designedto allow developers to create robust web applications.

Here are things you might find useful about Rails:

1.     Rails is great for beginners

First of all Ruby is perfect for beginners, and this is probably the main reason why Rails is so good for beginners. Ruby’s greatness comes from its flexibility and the fact that it simply does notrequire as much time to learnas other programming languages. Rails is specially designed to work with Ruby, so as long as you get the hang of the language, the framework should be naturally easy to learn.

2.     Am I a Rails developer or Ruby programmer?

Ruby programmer programs web applications in Ruby but does not use Rails. Rails developer will have knowledge of both Ruby programming language and Rails, the framework. There is only a tiny chance that you will work with frameworks other than Rails with your knowledge of Ruby, and in 99 percent of the cases employers hire Rubyists because they can handle Rails as well.


3.     I need to be very good at Ruby to move to Rails

There are different opinions on the matter, but I personally would suggest that you became comfortable with Ruby the language before diving into Rails. A major part of your time in Rails will be spent writing Ruby cod, and this is why you should start with learning the language first. Specifically, you need to know methods, object orientation, debugging, and so on.

4.     Rails is special

In the beginning, when Rails jut launched, the programming world was impressed by its design. There are best practices of design involved, which unknowingly makes you write a great code. Rails is a great framework if you want to write web applications, which will be easy to maintain. There are lots of companies that use Rails framework.

5.     Rails can get you a good job

Nowadays, knowledge of Rails is one of the most demanding skills on a programming market. Start-ups are big fan of this framework, so if you are interested in working for early stage companies, join in. You can also try to join larger corporations, where you will become a part of their developing team. However, you can also freelance. This will give you independence, choosing whether you want to work on small or large projects.

6.     You can do some things on mobile with Rails

Unfortunately, you cannot build an application using your phone, but you could create an application in Rails and then use the phone as a backup. If you want to build iOS and Android apps using Ruby, you can use the technology of the core team, called RubyMotion. Rails thus will become a very important part of a mobile project, even though you cannot use your mobile phone for creating applications right out of the little device.

Many programming languages define some elements, classes and instances, such as Booleans, integers or “null”, as primitives. Ruby, however, is object-oriented and it treats every value as an object. All variables in Ruby have connections to objects.

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