Top Free Web Resources to Learn Ruby

Ruby is said to be a relatively easy language to learn, and it is efficient and flexible. If you know Ruby, you also have access to one of the most powerful web frameworks currently on the market, Ruby on Rails. Using the knowledge of both, you can quickly build web applications without having to learn complicated syntax of the other existing programming languages. This easiness makes Ruby a good choice for a beginner, whereas a great number of free resources online offers great help in learning process. In this post, I will tell you about some of the free web resources for learning Ruby.


This website gives a course called “Ruby”, which will help you understand the syntax of the language and compare it to other programming languages you have met before. There are some recent features on the website, which promise more enjoyable user experience. Since syntax is the most important part of the language, it is a good idea to at least take a look at Codecademy’s web course.


Try Ruby

This learning platform is interactive, fun and easy to use. The platform has received only positive feedback from the users so far, and this is one of the strongest reasons why you should not miss trying it out. This course is a little less thorough than the one at Codecademy, but it offers similar content.

Ruby Monk

Join this site for interactive tutorials, tasks and lessons. As you go through the course, you will notice the increase in difficulty of the lessons. Each lesson is titled differently and can be taken from within the browser. What makes this particular site stand out is its direct problem solving approach.

Learn Ruby the Hard Way

This is a book, a successor to “Learn Python the Hard Way”, Ruby edition. The book is able to provide you with some firm grounds on this programming language, and it is very engaging and easy to read. The book has extended overviews of the subject matters, as well as 50 exercises, quizzes and questions.

Hackety Hack

This fun GUI program will not only introduce you to Ruby, but to the basics of programming in general. It is very simple to understand and navigate through it, and you can use the pre-made programs in order to look at the examples of code. This is a very good tool for beginners.

Ruby @ The New Boston

This website contains video tutorials on programming languages, including Ruby. For this particular language there are 32 tutorials, full of advice on how to master Ruby if you started from scratch. This online resource is an incredible tool for those users who prefer learning through video material.



This website attracts a lot of advertisements, which at some point becomes annoying. However, this should not avert you from its quality features. Throughout the courses on this website, you will significantly improve your programming vocabulary and learn the essential Ruby features. You are provided with examples of code and you have to solve various problems.

Learn Ruby with the Neo Ruby Koans

This half-guide, half-book on Ruby introduces to a lot of the language’s features, and gives clear explanation on all of the essential ones. This book will not leave even beginners in programming confused. It provides tasks, which can be simple questions or problems where the user has to come up with his own solution.

This was my list of free online resources for learning Ruby. I included some interactive online courses, books, and video courses, which will feed the interest and enthusiasm of beginners as well as intermediate programmers.

Many programming languages define some elements, classes and instances, such as Booleans, integers or “null”, as primitives. Ruby, however, is object-oriented and it treats every value as an object. All variables in Ruby have connections to objects.

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