Resources for Ruby Development

Ruby is constantly updating, bringing in new features, tools and techniques that improve interaction with the user. These updates require you as a programmer to keep up by engaging in the learning process through some resources that aim to help you in broadening your knowledge of Ruby. In this blog post, I will provide you with the information on where to find necessary resources and how to keep up with the updates and changes of Ruby, as well as how to place yourself in the world of programming.

Ruby Version Manager

If you are a professional developer who is used to multitasking, this tool might be useful for you. For separate steps of your working process, this website offers self-contained Ruby environments, where you can go ahead and test your application for compatibility with those environments. This way you can concentrate on one of your projects, at the same time not disrupting any other going on.


Code Katas

This is a very interesting tool, based on the principle that repetitive practice makes perfect results. If you go to their Cyber Dojo, you will be facing small challenges, which will require you to enter the code. This tool will never let your skills get rusty.

Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer

You might be an incredible coder, but if your resume is not good enough, your talents risk remaining unnoticed by a good employer. You need certifications, if your goals for the future include working for a larger company. Join in for the test and get certified with Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer.

Mentoring Programs

You can greatly contribute to community if you find yourself a mentee. If you feel that you have already reached enough level of expertise, do not hesitate to do that. Mentoring someone will be a great opportunity for you to exchange knowledge and inspiration. Online communities, like RailsMentors, will help you find your first apprentice.


There are conventions not only on TV series and fantasy movies, but also on programming, and Ruby in particular. It is clear that they sometimes take place in the far corners of the world, where you do not have access to. However, Confreaks collects the information from the conventions into the online archive. You can enjoy the presentations by community professionals on coding, hiring teams, celebrating the growing success of Ruby, and marketing your own work.



The host of the site is Ryan Bates, who each week records two new pieces of video content: one is free about the basic Ruby techniques specifically for beginners, and another one covers the topics for more advanced programmers. The pro-recordings are accessible through paying a little charge per month, which all goes to cover Bates’ re-recording of his old episodes where he includes updates and changes made to Ruby on Rails.

Stack Overflow

This is a forum where you can find fellow coders and programmers talking about their job search, building solutions and solving problems. The discussions often take place in real time, and any members can participate. The other discussions, which are majorly text-based and can be held offline, encourage the members to upvote the most helpful replies to the questions brought up in the discussions, as well as hot topics and the most interesting discussion threads.

To be able to stay on track with Ruby’s best practices, you should invest your time in knowledge exchange with fellow coders. There are many programmers who make video tutorials, hold podcasts and discussion forums, where you can participate for free. When you realize that you have become a professional, it becomes more difficult to evolve, and I hope these resources will help you to keep evolving.

Many programming languages define some elements, classes and instances, such as Booleans, integers or “null”, as primitives. Ruby, however, is object-oriented and it treats every value as an object. All variables in Ruby have connections to objects.

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