Reasons to Learn Ruby

Both beginners and experienced programmers will find useful information in this post. In it, I want to talk about why you should learn Ruby as your first, or second, or any other programming language. When you are learning to code, you interact with foreign symbols and concepts, but is it not what you encounter when learning a foreign language? Programming languages fall into different categories, such as logic-based, functional, imperative or object-oriented languages. Once you have learned a programming language, it will be easy for you to learn a second one in the same category. However, it is always difficult to start. In fact, this is why Ruby should be the first language you learn: it is simple.

Ruby is one of the easiest programming languages to learn

Unlike C++, Ruby is considered a higher level programming language. High leave languages resemble the spoken or written languages that humans have, whereas low-level languages are very strict and detailed, resembling a mechanism, a machine. If you just started learning to code, it will be easier for you to learn a high-level language, like Ruby, because of its resemblance with the spoken language.

If you learn Ruby, you can learn Ruby on Rails


Individuals from software industry surely heard of Ruby on Rails. For those of you who have not, it is a web framework. A web framework is like a collection of pre-made code designed for programmers to save their time coding from scratch. Yes, there is a difference between Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a programming language, like Python, Perl or C++. Ruby on Rails is a web framework that utilizes Ruby the programming language. Ruby on Rails helps programmers develop websites and web applications. If you learn Ruby, then you will be able to learn how to use Ruby on Rails, since the pre-made code is written in Ruby. The examples of web applications created with Ruby on Rails are Twitter, Hulu, Yellow Pages, and Groupon.

Knowledge of Ruby is in demand

Ruby ranks among the 20 most popular programming languages, and demand is growing. This can be explained by the popularity of Ruby on Rails framework, which many companies are building their website upon. They need developers specializing in Ruby for site’s maintenance.

Ruby’s ecosystem is useful

Why? Four reasons:

  1. You can use existing code in order to create your websites faster. Ruby has web frameworks and libraries that contain already pre-made code, such as Ruby on Rails and Chef. Ruby also introduced a system for managing frameworks and libraries, which makes a developer’s job even easier.
  2. Documentation is important for every website developer. At all times when you are working on your project, you will inevitably search for information in documentation, and having things in the right place at the right time is very important. Ruby succeeds in it.
  3. Ruby offers a lot of learning resources, both free and paid. Searching the internet, you will find many books, video tutorials, podcasts, forums, courses, quizzes, and problem solving tasks. There is even a developer bootcamp for learning Ruby.
  4. There are numerous communities, chat rooms, mail lists and forums where you can talk to fellow programmers and ask them questions about your Ruby experience. Developers are a friendly community, and they enjoy helping out amateur programmers. When you get more experienced, contribute as much as you can, and even become a mentor for some young programmer, who is as eager to learn more about the craft, as you once were when you just started looking through the forums on the internet.
Many programming languages define some elements, classes and instances, such as Booleans, integers or “null”, as primitives. Ruby, however, is object-oriented and it treats every value as an object. All variables in Ruby have connections to objects.

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