Interpreters and Runtimes of Ruby

With different environments, you might decide to use different implementations of the Ruby interpreter, and there are a number of them to choose from. There are JavaScript implementations, mobile applications, Java Enterprise environments, and so on. Depending on the result you want to achieve with your application, changing the implementation can help you increase the

What You Need to Know about Ruby on Rails

Rails is a web application framework designed for Ruby, a programming language created by Matsumoto in 1993. Matsumoto created the program from the need of having a tool that is designed to interact rather than execute. His purpose was to make a programming language that is fun to work with and that would make programmers

Where Can You Use Ruby?

Technically, any programming language that supports enough features can code… something. But what? Where can you apply your knowledge of Ruby? What does Ruby make easy and what – hard? In this post, I am trying to answer these questions and give an overview of tasks where you can apply knowledge of Ruby. Systems scripting